Benefits of establishing an offshore company in Dubai free zones

There are two types of problems that entrepreneur have to face when they are ready

 To set up their business first is taxation and second is ownership.  Business opportunities are growing in UAE and foreigners are taking keen interest to start their business in Dubai. That is why Dubai government has introduced free zones for foreign business men’s.  Free zone is a special economic zone where business owners can get the 100% ownership and tax exemptions. You can enjoy the 100% profit if you do business in Dubai free zones. It is also known as trade zones and it is designed to improve the international business where they have 100% ownership.

In Dubai there are several free zones such as healthcare city, Dubai Airport, Dubai media city, knowledge Village, production city, Dubai world central etc. you can start your business in Dubai free Zones and can get more benefits there.

There are many benefits of establishing an offshore company in Dubai free zones:

  • If you register your company in Dubai free zone you can reserve the company name.
  • It is easy to rent an office premises.
  • You can open a corporate bank account and can start your business with minimum capital to receive the bank statement.
  • In free zones there is 100% tax exemption on personal income or corporate income.
  • Investors can enjoy 100% ownership in free zones but in mainland you have to make partnership with local business men by giving them 51% shares.
  • Capital deposit is not required in free zones.
  • There are no export and import duties in Dubai free zones.
  • Business men can enjoy 100% profit in Dubai free zones.
  • There is 15 years exemption of corporate tax.
  • You can hire employee from local community or from abroad easily.

Dubai free zones provide many opportunities to investors and also offer them to select any type of business that suites them. In free zones there is freedom of doing business easily. Because you don’t have to worry about ownership and taxation, formation of company is easy in free zones. You can do your business confidently and can expand your business all over the world due to exemptions from import export duties. That is why foreign investors are taking interest doing business in Dubai.

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