FAQs Regarding SEO

Since SEO has recently been introduced and there are many people who are still confused about it, well, for those people, we recommend you to read this article twice. Because this might help you in hiring a good SEO expert or doing SEO yourself as a beginner. People usually ask that which one is the best for website to start earning money; SEO, PPC or SEM. You need to understand that PPC means pay per click and SEM means search engine marketing. PPC is an internet advertising tool or model which is used to get traffic to websites only when the advertisers pay when the ad is clicked. This is the oldest but yet the best way to make money as well, there are many people who earn by just seeing and clicking the ad.

Whereas, SEM is a way of online marketing that promotes of websites by paying to the search engines and they will put your website on the top for people to see. People also ask that what kind of software or tool that should use to start the SEO? You must know that there are several options to start SEO and the basic and easiest is by writing blogs that are SEO powered. Meaning to say that your blog content should have proper titles, keywords and header tag. This is recommended by Google itself, you see the AdSense approval rules and regulations on Google AdWords. You can also add keywords, these are the words that you can buy by Google or any search engine and see what are people searching for and how they are searching for. If you can’t pay, you can always think.

You need to add content; the content can be in the form of writing which is becoming very common and this is a highly paid skill. The content can also have different keywords. You can also make internal links of your site on different sites. For example, you can sign up to a discussion forum and if they ask any question, you can answer it, saying that you got all this information from this site. And if the problem or question is trending, your site can have SEO done. You can have different SEO packages in UAE and the give the best SEO solution as well.

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