4 Corporate Flower Arrangement Ideas

There are countless ways to make a floral centerpiece for a corporate event. A few of the best ideas include using inexpensive flowers like tulips and gladioli. You can also consider using foliage such as holly for corporate flower arrangements. The following are 4 budget-friendly flower ideas for your next corporate event. And if your budget is a bit limited, you can opt for a dark-style arrangement. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or traditional look, flower options are available to match any corporate theme.

Budget-friendly event centerpieces:

Whether your event is private or corporate, there is a great range of flower arrangements. There are many budget-friendly options, such as single stems and individual vases. If you don’t have the time to create multiple arrangements, try donating the leftovers. You may consider using different flowers for different tables depending on the occasion. Alternatively, you may opt for a single centerpiece made of carnations or a mix of flowers.


Many corporations use Gladioli as their official flowers, but you might be surprised that they also make excellent corporate gifts. They are stiff and huge, and their beauty is undeniable. The flowers come in various colors and are often the perfect compliment for smaller, less showy flowers in the garden. Gladioli have a unique history, as they were the official flower of August. Interestingly enough, gladioli are also known as the official flower of August, and people born in August are famous for their charisma and outgoing personality.


The next time you plan an event and want to add a touch of elegance to your floral design, consider incorporating a few Holly corporate flower ideas. Whether your event is big or small, there are endless ways to add floral design to your next event. From large-scale floral installations to simple and elegant centerpieces, Holly is sure to have something to match your theme and your budget. Here are some of her most popular floral designs and how you can incorporate them into your corporate design.

Arrangements with a dark style:

A corporate-style arrangement is meant to impress. These arrangements consist of bold colors and contrasting elements that are not likely to distract from the company’s brand. They are perfect for high-boy tables, conference rooms, and networking receptions. Dark style arrangements are rich in color and emit moody energy. They are also often made with tropical flowers. Depending on your budget, you may want to consider a darker arrangement to avoid being pushed off-brand by the business world.