Quick guide to applying mosaic tiles

Mosaic is one of the highly loved and requested types of tiles that people incorporate in the interiors of their house. They give out luxurious look and design even if it’s in one of its simplest forms. Even though backsplashing these tiles is task of an expert, it would still make things easier for you if you had a tad bit idea of how Versace home tiles are used.

  • Use mosaic as statement decor

We know and understand mosaic is quite expensive and it is not easy to design the entire wall or surface with the material but you can surely incorporate it as an element of statement design and save your budget. Because they are such beautiful and lavish material you can surely work it out with some ordinary tiles to add the visuals. But if this is the case then make sure you hire a professional as often the width of the tiles and mosaic create problems making is look uneven on the surface.

  • Choose the right type

There are several different types of mosaic tiles which you need to take care of and make sure the right one is chosen. Here are some of the types:

  • Glass mosaic tiles are the most common ones which has a fine finish and glossy look to it. They are comparatively cheaper and the strength of the glass is also durable. Another glass mosaic is the smalti glass mosaic one which is expensive than the usual mosaic but its durability and quality is unmatchable.
  • Ceramic is another most popular and in demand mosaic tiles which can be easily found in glazed and unglazed versions. They are also easy to cut and mould in the desired shape yet it is not very durable. They often have the reputation of cracking when pressure is applied.
  • If you are looking for something outstanding for your courtyard then you should aim for stone tile which is made from natural stones giving out earthy vibes. It is best for exterior design and natural element.

Corian top suppliers in Dubai can help you in finding the perfect kind for your need. Be sure to seek advice and then implement it in the best artistic way possible with help of a professional and you will be good to go.

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