How to spend money the right way

2020 is the year when things change as so does your style. It is so hard to stay stylish and shop stylishly when you have no idea what being stylish itself means. No problem as you will be able to achieve your stylish look with our guide which will help you in shopping the right pieces at the right time, the right way. Here are things you should and shouldn’t do in order to stay stylish:

  • Stop buying for specific occasions

Whenever we have to attend a special occasion we always hurry down to our wishlist items in cart and check them out now that we have an excuse to. Well, honestly this is a rubbish excuse because no matter how stylish this specific wedding dress or party wear is, it is still going to be unused for several months and finally thrown away. What you can do instead is keep a few trendy party wear pieces in your wardrobe at stand by so that you don’t have to run in panic from shop to shop – even if its online.

  • Get rid of things which don’t fit

We know how dearly you love that one piece of jeans that you bought on sale which wasn’t in your size and you thought it will be your motivation to diet and fit in it – but unfortunately you never got around doing that. Tell us honestly, is it a smart idea to crowd your wardrobe with such pieces that you know you wouldn’t be able to wear anymore? No. It isn’t. Be strong and get rid of all the things that don’t fit you anymore and don’t buy things which aren’t in your size.

  • Don’t fall for something on sale which you never wear

If you aren’t into belts and you see this really pretty belt on sale and think of buying, then take that thought back. You ask why? Because you have never worn one and you wouldn’t know how to style it. Even if you somehow figure out how to style it you wouldn’t get much use out of it because you would always be unsure. Never buy something which you aren’t used to wearing even if it’s on a steal deal. If you really want to style a belt then get a cheaper one and try styling it, see how it goes and then make decision.

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