Month: March 2022

  • What Is Your Role As a Responsible Architect?

    As an architect, your design process is deeply connected to society and its various challenges. The role of an architect has long been defined by the social fabric it serves – the rulers, worshippers, upper and lower classes, caste systems, and divisions of religion. These factors have shaped design since time immemorial, and they continue […]

  • Apartment Maintenance Tips for First Time Buyers

    As a first-time buyer, you are probably looking forward to finally being free of the landlord’s tight reins on your new home. After all, you are now the apartment building owner and are responsible for keeping it in good shape. But before you get too excited about your new freedom, here are some apartment maintenance […]

  • Reasons for the Increasing Demand of Home Nurses

    Why is there an increase in the number of home nurses in Dubai? The baby boomers and other generations are getting older, and more of them will soon be retired. This means that the economy will change to accommodate an aging population, and there will be an increased need for nurses. This means more money for […]